Magpie Vintage has (and always will be) driven by being as sustainable as possible.


There are enough textiles on the planet - we do not need to use any more of the earths resources to create new ones. Everything we make is made from salvaged vintage textiles. These are all hand sourced by Alice from vintage markets, car boot sales and online sellers. A lot of these fabrics would end up in landfill if we didn’t reuse them and we believe these forgotten fabrics deserve a second chance at a new life.



Everything is hand made by our team in north London. We pay a fair wage to our talented machinists and studio team who create everything from table to hanger. We keep all of our scraps, using them to create accessories ranging from collars, scrunches and bags aiming to be as zero waste as possible.



All of our pieces are designed with the purpose of lasting and being part of your wardrobe forever. We fuse, bind, hand stitch and line whatever is necessary to ensure the finished product is durable and wearable for many years to come. 



We offer free repairs for our RTW and made for you pieces if you live in the UK and offer online support to our worldwide customers. Some of our vintage items can often exhibit insignificant signs of wear or age. We believe this is part of the unique and beautiful charm that only belongs to clothing with a history and makes each piece one of a kind with a story. We will hand stitch and repair any items that can be mended and we encourage our customers (and the world) to have the same attitude when it comes to clothing. 



We are working with Ecologi to reduce our carbon footprint. It’s now common knowledge that one of the best tools to tackle the climate crisis and keep our temperatures from rising above 1.5C is to plant trees.  Every £40 spent at Magpie Vintage pays for a tree to be planted by ecologi through one of their tree planting partners. You can find out more about ecologi here.



We send out all of our orders in paper mailing bags or cardboard boxes. No plastic packaging. If you decide to return or exchange your items please return them in the same packaging.



The fashion industry is not sustainable and there is no such thing as a truly sustainable fashion brand. Shopping with us and other vintage brands is the most sustainable way to shop, however none of us are perfect nor are we fully circular. As we grow and evolve we will continue implement the most sustainable and circular ways of working all the while ensuring we our giving back to our community and non profit organisations.