Magpie vintage was first born in 2010 out of a suitcase on Portobello Road. After several years hustling the markets and navigating eBay, Etsy and Asos Marketplace I set up permanent shop in Brick Lane vintage market. Here I started making my own clothes and quickly started my first clothing brand, VACCINE. Selling my own label alongside my vintage finds, a buyer from America scouted the brand and I went on a 2 year hiatus to India working on churning out collections that they would buy and sell in their 27 stores across the States. 

After a few years I came to realise that fast fashion was not the career for me, I missed the joy of stumbling across incredible one off pieces from 50 years ago carrying its own history and no longer wanted to contribute to the devastatingly negative impact high street fashion has on the world and the people working in it. So I turned back to my first love and re started my love affair with hunting, bargaining, rummaging and scouring for the best vintage finds from across the globe. 

Since returning 4 years ago the shops have grown and doubled and spread and now Im so excited that my sister and I are partnering up and opening the very first proper brick and mortar shop in Barcelona ! 

Theres so many reasons why I love vintage - the textures, the shapes, the colours, the quality are all different (and far superior) than modern day fashion, but I also love the recycled story each piece holds, how many owners have loved and worn each piece, what events its been to and things its seen. Shopping locally, independently and sustainably is the way forward ,these clothes have been circulating for over 50 years and have still got another 50 in them - not something your average Zara top can boast about.